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Yes there are pristine pocket option download for windows 10 places to snorkel on Oahu.  You won't find these magic little places from a crowded boat, though. I suppose that's a good thing if you get seasick.

Why pay more to go on a boat with a bunch of people to sites that have been degraded from all the "traffic" and "fuel"?  It's time to get back to basics.  Think simple.  Think "off the beaten path".  

Our snorkel trips are a completely new concept. They combine Hawaiian Culture and Marine Biology with a premium in-water experience.  Characterized by small groups and increased time in the water, our snorkel trips start from shore (hooray, no seasickness and no fuel pollution!).

A pre-snorkel orientation guarantees that you will see and understand things that go unnoticed by even the most experienced dvers and snorkelers, learn about the cultural signifigance pocket option legal in india of the area, and have a chance to ask questions and address any concerns or fears you may have.

Our trips are a bit challenging, having longer in-water time and covering a fair amount of territory, so they leave even avid scuba divers satisfied and give them a totally different perspective on the sea.

Under the Sea believes in respecting the environment and local culture. A member of the Hawaiian Ecotourism Association, we are as Green as we can be and make every effort to leave only bubbles and come away with only photos and pocket option download for pc unbelievable memories. Everything we do is meant to support the local community and protect the marine environment in a sustainable way.

Premium snorkel equipment, safety gear, water (in reusable glass bottles - no plastic here!) and snacks (locally made from organic produce) are included.

Wetsuits or dive skins are Highly Recommended (which is one notch below "required").  They prevent sunburn, stings, and keep you warm. An hour and a half in the water can leave you chilled if you do not have protection.  You can rent a Diveskin, (full body suit made from rash guard material)  from us for only $5.00. You won't regret it.

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Secret Reef

The Secret Staircase

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