• Glass Bottom Boat and Snorkel EcoAdventures

    Glass Bottom Boat and Snorkel Eco-Adventures

  • Glass Bottom Boat and Snorkel EcoAdventures

    Experience sea life from the boat, or…

  • jessica sea turtle original edited large

    … snorkel the colorful reefs with our marine biologist guides.

  • Under the Sea hawaii

    Swim with wild dolphins…

  • Under the Sea hawaii

    Spy on the rarely seen underwater world of whales…

  • Under the Sea hawaii

    Hang out with friendly sea turtles…

  • Under the Sea hawaii

    Swim with colorful reef fish…

  • Under the Sea hawaii

    See wildlife most people miss…

  • Under the Sea hawaii

    Learn about fish behavior from our marine biologists…

  • Under the Sea hawaii

    On a special day, you may see the elusive manta ray…


Welcome to Under the Sea Hawaii. For information on our ecotours and private charters, please scroll down to view the different trips. To book, click a day on the calendar and then select the tour you are interested in joining to see availability. Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or concerns. (844) REEF FUN or info@undertheseahawaii.com. Hope to see you soon.

Waking Ocean: A Dolphin Swim and Snorkel Tour

As ThreeDolphins GBBDSC_0263the sun rises, spy on the rarely observed activities of a waking ocean, illuminated by the boat’s underwater lights. Then commune with dolphins on their terms, and afterwards hang with sea turtles and flamboyant fish at their favorite coral reef. 

Includes beverages and breakfast snacks.
(3 1/2 hours, $245/person)

All About Whales: A Whale Watching Adventure!

Join watching whaleswhalemarine mammal experts on the only boat that can let you watch whales under the water, as well as at the surface. Listen to them “talking” through our hydrophone while viewing these majestic creatures.

Includes drinks and snacks.
(3 1/2 hours, $245/person)

Coral Reef Exploration: Glass Bottom Boat and Snorkel Tour

A DSC_0269IMG_7542shorter trip, great for the whole family! Some of your family can stay onboard and investigate beautiful reefs through the glass bottom while others hop in the water with a marine biologist guide. Includes snacks and beverages (2 hours, $195/person)

Reef at Night:Sunset Cruise.

Toast GOPR1450IMG_0189another beautiful day in Paradise, then relax around the illuminated glass bottom to watch sleepy sea creatures settle down for the night and awakening nocturnal predators begin their day. Includes drinks and pupus. (2 1/2 hours, $245/person)


under the sea hawaii
Sunset Paul standing


About us

Now you have a choice as to how you interact with whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and coral reefs up-close and personal. You can join them in the water or watch them through our amazing magnified boat’s glass bottom. A coral reef in 20 feet of water looks close enough to touch!

  • Coral through glassbottomboat

    Your Choice

    Under the Sea offers you and your friends and family a safe and exciting choice of ways to see whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and coral reefs up-close and personal. You can join them in the water or watch them through the boat’s glass bottom...

  • DSC_0201

    The Boat

    Our unique vessel is one of only two in the United States, and of a handful in the world.  It’s spaceship-like aerodynamic shape  allows us to travel quickly and smoothly through the water AND conserve fuel...

  • view_Glass_bottom_boat-640x400

    The View

    Our boat boasts the largest glass bottom in the world and because it is curved, what you see is magnified. It is is made of modified acrylic 15 mm thick.  It is more solid than a fiberglass boat hull...

  • DSC_0119

    The Ride

    Our boat doesn’t go through the water but above it. The hydrofoil design eliminates the pounding you experience on regular boats. This boat is amazingly comfortable in all kinds of seas...

  • blow

    The Culture

    Our goal is to show you how Nature and Culture are intricately intertwined. Hawaiian culture has a deep respect for the ‘aina, the Earth, and for the wisdom and knowledge of their ancestors...

  • swim


    Most people miss 80% of what is in the water when they snorkel – because they don’t know what to look for and haven’t developed an eye for spotting creatures.  Our guides will not only make sure you see animals but will also explain what those animals are actually doing.  ...


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Our salty staff of ocean professionals adeptly accommodates the reluctant and eager alike with infectious energy, humor, and patience. Groups are small so you get lots of personalized attention.

  • IMG_8672

    Barbara Whitman Howell

    Marine Biologist / Captain/ Owner

    Under the Sea is owned by award-winning marine biologist, educator, and entrepreneur Barbara Whitman Howell who has successfully operated her own marine education and research programs in New England, Mexico, the Caribbean, and now, Hawaii.   This adventurous woman has taught around the world, chartered tall ships, explored jungles, and lived with different cultures.  Her specialties range from marine invertebrates to sea turtles, animal behavior to marine ecology.  Her goal is to acquaint people with the marine world and instill in them a love of and a desire to protect the ocean and its creatures.  She believes that education should be hands-on, fun, adventurous, entertaining, and factual.  She says “I am so excited about Under the Sea Hawaii. We provide a wonderfully unique alternative to other snorkel tours.  We will show you how underwater communities are just like ours in so many ways.”

    • Nick Brilliande scuba

      Nick Brilliande

      Marine Biologist

      Nick has worked with sea turtles, sharks, monk seals, and helped start the Hawai’i Cetacean Rehabilitation Center in Hilo.  He believes animals should make the first moves in animal-human interactions. If you point out a fish, shark, dolphin, whale, ray, or anything that crawls or swims, Nick can probably tell you what it is.

      • lynn

        Lynn Sutherland

        Marine Biologist

        With a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management from Duke, Lynn is the one who keeps us all organized, one of her many strengths. Experienced in tropical marine ecology, sea turtle biology, with a ton of on-water experience with whales and dolphins, Lynn is always right there with you making sure you are comfortable and safe.

        • mike-212x245

          Mike Ligsay

          Hawaiian Culture / Naturalist

          Mike brings the spirit of the Hawaiian culture to Under the Sea. He grew up on Oahu in the modern Hawaiian culture but he also has special knowledge of traditional Hawaiian chants and practices. In addition, Mike knows the ocean like the back of his hand, has a twinkle in his eye and is a natural-born teacher.

          • DSC_0102

            Paul Johnson

            Photographer / Naturalist

            A film school graduate and actor, Paul, affectionately known as Paulphin, is happiest under water swimming with his dolphin friends. He’ll be right beside you in the water giving you a dolphins perspective on the world. His photos illustrate our website and are used in educational presentations we do on land.


            Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. If you enjoyed your trip with us, be sure to use this form to leave us your feedback!

            Ko’olina Marina, 92-100 Waipahe Place, Honolulu, HI 96707
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